With a strong commitment to dynamic international policy, Angers warmly welcomes the world through friendships and collaborative relations with European and international cities. The city develops collaborative projects based on its policy’s strategical axes.

As a member of several international networks and innovative European programs, Angers hosts, organizes, and participates in large-scale events every year that highlight the strengths of its region. Alongside the title of being France’s greenest city with the highest quality of life, Angers is also known for being welcoming, and highly educated with many universities and research laboratories. The city is technologically advanced and specializes in agriculture and horticulture. Angers is open to international relations, continuously encouraging dialogue between cultures within its region.

Key figures

sister cities and partnerships
international networks
nationalities are represented within the territory
young Angevins go on international school trips with help from the city
international students attend universities in Angers
associations are working on an international scale


European and International Relations Department
Angers City Hall - Hôtel de Ville d'Angers,
83 rue du Mail - BP 80011 - 49020 Angers Cedex 02
Phone: +33 02 41 05 40 31

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9AM to 12:30PM and from 2PM to 5:30PM.