Dedicated to the values of fraternity and outreach, Angers is celebrating its connection to the world through three events inspired by our sister cities for the public to enjoy, and put local associations and partners in the spotlight. Everyone is invited to celebrate Europe with Angers Fête l'Europe, tune in to Africa with the Odyssées africaines, or immerse themselves in American culture with Austin Days.

Angers fête l'Europe

Angers Fête l'Europe is an annual event coordinated by the City of Angers to promote the creation of the European Union and bring awareness of the diversity of European cultures. Every year, around thirty partners take part in the program with the city (cinema, sports, gastronomy, workshops for young people and children, corporate events, visits, etc.).

Every year in May.

Discover Haarlem, Osnabrück, Pisa, Sodertalje, Torun et Wigan

Austin Days

Every other autumn, Angers celebrates Austin and American culture during a week packed with events: conferences, concerts, activities, workshops and much more, allowing you to discover or rediscover our Texan neighbors from across the Atlantic, without having to take a flight !

Next edition : 2025

Discover Austin

Les Odyssées Africaines (formerly the Journées Maliennes, or Malian Days)

What if Africa was closer than we thought? Immerse yourself in a rich African tapestry showcasing this colorful continent! North, South, East and West Africa, without forgetting Mali and its capital Bamako, which has been so near and dear to the hearts of Angevins for nearly 50 years. Join us in October for a journey to the heart of these diverse cultures, through conferences, concerts, discovery workshops, and many other events.

Next edition : October 2024

Discover Bamako

Annual meeting of sister cities on the occasion of the "Accroche Cœurs" event

Every year, the city of Angers brings together its sister cities and partners during Accroche-Cœurs to exchange best practices. It's also an opportunity to reaffirm our connection and friendship and open up new prospects for cooperation.

Every year in September.