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From plants to computers, a city that’s in the lead

With its network of 5,500 companies and groups of international stature, Angers combines respect for the environment with high-tech business.

Some economic highlights

• Industrial estates covering 600 hectares. Science parks covering 300 hectares.
• 120,000 m² of floor-spacefor businesses.
• 1 Conference centre, 1 Exhibition centre.
• Leading firms: Bosch France, Bull Electronics, Chronopost, CNP, Motorola, Packard Bell NEC, Parke-Davis, Rémy-Cointreau, Scania, SEMA Group, Thomson Multimedia, Thyssen Lifts, Valéo.
• Ever year Angers produces: 1.2 million microcomputers, 800,000 television sets, 9,500 lorries, 6 million automobile brakes, 12 million bottles of Cointreau.

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