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A good deal for sports, leisure and voluntary groups

Angers is mad about sport, with 32,000 people registered to use its running-tracks, gymnasiums and swimming pools. Voluntary activities also abound, from clubs practising ‘Boule de fort’ – a game local to the Val de Loire – to projects spanning generations.

Sporting and social activities

• 32,000 club members, 58 sporting activities, 139 clubs.
• Clubs playing at national level: Anjou Basketball Club, Angers Noyant Handball Club, Angers SCO (football), Angers Tennis Club, ASGA (ice hockey) and the Vaillante Table Tennis Club
• 1 regional canoeing centre and 1 judo centre.
• 63 tennis courts, 10 athletics tracks and 1 golf course.
• 1 leisure centre, 1 water sports centre and 1 open air bathing area.
• 1 four-star campsite.
• 6 swimming pools (1 open-air).
• 21 council-run activity centres for children, 12 local community centres and 13 centres providing facilities for sports clubs and societies.
• Biennial forum of voluntary organisations.