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Teaching, research and industry

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Teaching, research and industry: equal partners

With 26,000 students, two universities, 80 scientific research units and 700 research workers, Angers has adopted links between business and education.

Hybridising apple trees at INRA
Education and research

• University of Angers: 17,500 students, 5 teaching and research units, 26 accredited research centres, 1 Technology University Institute, 6 professional schools.
• Université Catholique de l’Ouest: over 8,600 students, 13 institutes and 5 study centres.
• University medical school (CHU), a regional centre of excellence for training and research.
• Main colleges of higher education: Arts and Crafts (ENSAM), Business studies (ESSCA), Institut National de l’Horticulture (INH), electronics (ESEO), École Supérieure d’Agriculture (ESA), military engineering (ESAG).
• Main public research laboratories: INRA (Agricultural Research Institute) and laboratories accredited by INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research).

The Angers Institute of Science and Engineering Technology
Angers Science Park, where science and industry meet
Saint-Serge, the new university campus in the centre of Angers
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