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From plants to computers...

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From plants to computers, a city that’s in the lead

With its network of 5,500 companies and groups of international stature, Angers combines respect for the environment with high-tech business.

Leading brands, some native to the city,
With companies representing multimedia, information technology, call centres, the car industry and horticulture, Angers is economically diverse and technologically advanced
Some economic highlights

• Industrial estates covering 600 hectares. Science parks covering 300 hectares.
• 120,000 m² of floor-spacefor businesses.
• 1 Conference centre, 1 Exhibition centre.
• Leading firms: Bosch France, Bull Electronics, Chronopost, CNP, Motorola, Packard Bell NEC, Parke-Davis, Rémy-Cointreau, Scania, SEMA Group, Thomson Multimedia, Thyssen Lifts, Valéo.
• Ever year Angers produces: 1.2 million microcomputers, 800,000 television sets, 9,500 lorries, 6 million automobile brakes, 12 million bottles of Cointreau.

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